An Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Company

Superior CAM, Inc.

During the past 44 years, Superior Cam, Inc. has established itself as a technical leader in the Prototype Sheet Metal Industry. We have built a reputation as an innovative, experienced and reliable full service operation which emphasizes production intent quality at every step of the tooling process. Superior Cam, Inc. has a history of creating production intent tooling and processes for building sheet metal prototype panels, low volume parts and assemblies. Our innovative and aggressive tooling approach has reduced cost, timing and greatly improved quality. Superior Cam has experience regarding dual phased, PHS hot stamping parts and class one aluminum sheet metal as well as an extensive history supplying robotic roller hemming assemblies.

Midland Design Service, Inc.

For more than 50 years, Midland Design has become a respected leader in the field of .Solid CAD Die Design.. During this time, Midland Design has been involved in many domestic and foreign design projects including the handling of entire die processes, feasibility, design and tool follow-up programs both in the U.S. and abroad. Midland Design not only has extensive experience in die process, product feasibility and die design of major panels such as body-side apertures, hoods, fenders, doors, frame parts, roofs, decklids, etc. but are well versed in all types of tooling such as hot stamp, progressive, transfer and line dies.

Bespro Pattern, Inc.

Since opening its doors in 1959, Bespro Pattern, Inc. has developed an excellent reputation for quality, timing and competitive prices. Located in Madison Heights, Michigan, Bespro is staffed with highly skilled pattern makers well versed in the design and construction of both hard and soft foundry tools. This experience backed by its state-of-the- art CAD department and array of CNC mills, makes Bespro one of the most technically advanced pattern shops in the Midwest.

American Tooling Center, Inc.

With the completion of the 60,000 sq. ft. expansion American Tooling Center is one of the most modernized, full service tool and die facilities in the United States. From receipt of product data to production die buyoff, American Tooling Center provides a full service tool process, emphasizing CAD/Cam/CNC optimization at every step of the process. Complimented by an impressive line-up of CNC mills and fabrication equipment, American Tooling Center has also become a respected leader in contract manufacturing, serving the Defense, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Infrastructure, Rail and Foundry Industries.